Associate professor
Academic disciplines: 
U04, Piano: P01, Stanza: 1042
Piazza della Scienza 4 - 20126 MILANO


Current National projects:

  • 2021: Circular Economy for a sustainable future – Fondazione Cariplo “ANTICARB – Quarry waste ANTIgorite CARBonation: a zero emission platform for re- manufacturing with the benefit of CO2 sequestration” (Milano Bicocca – Politecnico di Milano) 48 months – Principal Investigator
  • 2019: Prin2017 – MIUR “The Dynamic Mass Transfer from Slabs to Arcs - Dynastars” (Genova – Milano – Milano Bicocca – Pavia - Padova) 36 months – Research Unit coordinator


  • Malaspina, N., Langenhorst, F., Tumiati, S., Campione, M., Frezzotti, M., & Poli, S. (2017). The redox budget of crust-derived fluid phases at the slab-mantle interface. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA, 209, 70-84. Detail
  • Cannaò, E., & Malaspina, N. (2018). oceanic to continental subduction: Implications for the geochemical and redox evolution of the supra-subduction mantle. GEOSPHERE, 14(6), 2311-2336. Detail
  • Tumiati, S., & Malaspina, N. (2019). Redox processes and the role of carbon-bearing volatiles from the slab–mantle interface to the mantle wedge. JOURNAL OF THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY, 176(2), 388-397. Detail
  • Pellegrino, L., Malaspina, N., Zanchetta, S., Langone, A., & Tumiati, S. (2020). High pressure melting of eclogites and metasomatism of garnet peridotites from Monte Duria Area (Central Alps, N Italy): A proxy for melt-rock reaction during subduction. LITHOS, 358-359. Detail
  • Campione, M., La Fortezza, M., Alvaro, M., Scambelluri, M., & Malaspina, N. (2020). Commensurate Growth of Magnetite Microinclusions in Olivine under Mantle Conditions. ACS EARTH AND SPACE CHEMISTRY, 4(6), 825-830. Detail