Associate professor
Academic disciplines: 
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U04, Piano: P03, Stanza: 3015
Piazza della Scienza 4 - 20126 MILANO



Professional experience

Coordinator of the PhD Course in Chemical, Geological and Environmental Sciences

since 2018    Associate professor, University of Milano-Bicocca

National scientific qualification ASN 2012 and ASN 2016 as full professor

2007-2018    Researcher, University of Milano-Bicocca
2002-2006    Researcher for geological mapping projects (ex art. 23), CNR-IGG Torino
1999-2001    Professional geologist



2004              PhD in Earth Sciences, CNR-IGG – University of Torino

1997              MSc in Geological Sciences, University of Torino (cum laude)



Scientific Interest

Topics:  (i) tectonic evolution and exhumation processes in orogenic belts; relationships between tectonics and erosion in active orogens and detrital fluxes in adjoining sedimentary basins; (ii) sediment provenance, transport, storage, burial and reworking; (iii) methodological approaches to detrital geo/thermochronological analyses

Tools:  Field geology (sedimentology, stratigraphy, structural geology); geologic interpretation of seismic data sets; detrital geochronology and thermochronology

Field sites:    Orogenic belts of the Western Mediterranean, North Africa, East Asia and Pacific

Laboratory:   Fission-track analysis


Field Work

Western Alps (1995-2010); Scotland (1995); High-Atlas and Anti-Atlas (2004-2006); Southalpine retroforeland basin (2008-2010); Corsica (since 2006); Northern Apennines (since 2010); Tertiary Piedmont basin (since 2011); Dabie Shan (2016, 2018); Tian Shan (2019)


Major collaborations

Syracuse University, NY; IGG-CAS Beijing; UJF Grenoble; GFZ Potsdam; University of Roma Tre; University College London; ETH Zürich; Curtin University, AU; University of Texas at Austin, TX; Sonoma State University, CA; INGV - Genova, Bologna; CNR-IGG Pisa; University of Trieste.



•  >50 international publications (chiefly published as first/corresponding author on high impact factor journals)

•  7 chapters (peer reviewed) in scientific books

•  10 geological maps or explanatory notes published by Geological Surveys of Italy, France, and Morocco;

•  >130 contributions in scientific meetings;

•  invited presentations or seminars in Italy, France, Germany, China, USA

Editor of the book: Malusà MG, Fitzgerald PG (eds) Fission-Track Thermochronology and Its Application to Geology. Springer Textbooks in Earth Sciences, Geography and Environment, 393 pp., doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-89421-8


  • Malusà, M., Guillot, S., Zhao, L., Paul, A., Solarino, S., Dumont, T., et al. (2021). The Deep Structure of the Alps based on the CIFALPS Seismic Experiment: A Synthesis. GEOCHEMISTRY, GEOPHYSICS, GEOSYSTEMS. Detail
  • Eva, E., Malusà, M., & Solarino, S. (2020). Seismotectonics at the Transition Between Opposite-Dipping Slabs (Western Alpine Region). TECTONICS, 39(9), 1-20. Detail
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  • Malusà, M., & Fitzgerald, P. (2020). The geologic interpretation of the detrital thermochronology record within a stratigraphic framework, with examples from the European Alps, Taiwan and the Himalayas. EARTH-SCIENCE REVIEWS, 201. Detail
  • Zhao, L., Malusa', M., Yuan, H., Paul, A., Guillot, S., Lu, Y., et al. (2020). Evidence for a serpentinized plate interface favouring continental subduction. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 11(1), 8-8. Detail