Assistant Professor  
Academic disciplines
Fisica della materia (FIS/03)
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  • U02, Floor: 3, Room: 3027


  • Casiraghi, I., Mantica, P., Ambrosino, R., Aucone, L., Baiocchi, B., Balbinot, L., et al. (2023). Core integrated simulations for the Divertor Tokamak Test facility scenarios towards consistent core-pedestal-SOL modelling. PLASMA PHYSICS AND CONTROLLED FUSION, 65(3) [10.1088/1361-6587/acb6b1]. Detail

  • Zito, A., Wischmeier, M., Kappatou, A., Kallenbach, A., Sciortino, F., Rohde, V., et al. (2023). Investigation of helium exhaust dynamics at the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak with full-tungsten wall. NUCLEAR FUSION, 63(9) [10.1088/1741-4326/ace26e]. Detail

  • Pan, O., Bernert, M., Lunt, T., Cavedon, M., Kurzan, B., Wiesen, S., et al. (2023). SOLPS-ITER simulations of an X-point radiator in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak. NUCLEAR FUSION, 63(1 (January 2023)) [10.1088/1741-4326/ac9742]. Detail

  • Plank, U., Mcdermott, R., Birkenmeier, G., Bonanomi, N., Cavedon, M., Conway, G., et al. (2023). Overview of L- to H-mode transition experiments at ASDEX Upgrade. PLASMA PHYSICS AND CONTROLLED FUSION, 65(1) [10.1088/1361-6587/aca35b]. Detail

  • Vanovac, B., Puchmayr, J., Bielajew, R., Willensdorfer, M., Wolfrum, E., Cavedon, M., et al. (2023). Impact of toroidal rotation on the resistive ballooning modes in ASDEX Upgrade tokamak. PLASMA PHYSICS AND CONTROLLED FUSION, 65(9) [10.1088/1361-6587/ace92e]. Detail