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Sociology of Culture and Communication (SPS/08)
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Marcello Maneri teaches Communication, Media and Society for undergraduates in Sociology and Cultural Sociology at the Master's Degree course in Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. His research topics are information & power, the sociology of racism, the social construction of crime and security. He is part of the steering committee of the European project (Horizon 2020) BRIDGES on the production, diffusion, and effects of immigration narratives, of which he coordinates the work package on media.


  • Maneri, M., Morning, A. (2023). Repositioning, not replacing, race: the case for concepts of descent-based difference. ETHNIC AND RACIAL STUDIES [10.1080/01419870.2023.2282071]. Detail

  • Morning, A., Maneri, M. (2022). An Ugly Word. Rethinking Race in Italy and the United States. Russell Sage. Detail

  • Anselmi, G., Maneri, M., Quassoli, F. (2022). The Macerata shooting: digital movements of opinion in the hybrid media system. PARTECIPAZIONE E CONFLITTO, 15(3), 846-864 [10.1285/i20356609v15i3p846]. Detail

  • Maneri, M., Pogliano, A. (2021). Il racconto mitico delle differenze. Obiettività ed emozionalità nel trattamento dicotomico di 25 anni di casi di cronaca. PROBLEMI DELL'INFORMAZIONE(3), 353-376 [10.1445/102512]. Detail

  • Maneri, M. (2021). Breaking the race taboo in a besieged Europe: how photographs of the “refugee crisis” reproduce racialized hierarchy. ETHNIC AND RACIAL STUDIES, 44(1), 4-20 [10.1080/01419870.2020.1723672]. Detail


Editorial boards

  • Membro del Comitato Editoriale - ASYLON(S), 2010
  • Membro del Comitato Editoriale - CONTEMPORARY SOCIOLOGY, 2010 - 2013
  • Membro del Comitato Editoriale - ETNOGRAFIA E RICERCA QUALITATIVA, 2007

Research and teaching assignments

  • Titolare di contratto di ricerca - Coordinatore del Work Package 3 “Narrative production in the media arena” e membro del Comitato direttivo per il progetto Horizon 2020 BRIDGES: ‘Bridges to assess the production and impact of migration narratives’ (H2020-SC6-MIGRATION-2020) - FIERI: Forum Internazionale ed Europeo di Ricerche sull'immigrazione - International and European Forum of Migration Research, 2021 - 2024
  • Visiting Researcher - New York University Abu Dhabi, 2012
  • Visiting Researcher - New York University, 2014 - 2015