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Thursday, 13:30-15:00 pm, U16 (Via Giolli, ang. Thomas Mann), second floor, room 10. 

U06, Piano: P04, Stanza: 4099
Piazza dell'Ateneo Nuovo 1 - 20126 MILANO


Luisa Zecca is currently an Assistant Professor at “Riccardo Massa” Department of Human Sciences for Education of the University of Milano-Bicocca. She has received Visiting (ESPE, New Hampshire University) and Teaching Fellowships (SUPSI). She has been involved in different research and dissemination activities in more than 20 national and international projects. She is a member of several institutions (CeSDID, CRESPI) and research teams (SIRD, PRIN 2018-21, SIPED, Education for Social Justice). She is director of different projects (DEMETER) and she coordinates the pedagogical research activities of the Laboratory of Robotics for the Cognitive and Social Sciences. Her research interest is especially focused on didactic planning and evaluation, with special reference to robotics and laboratory didactics. She has authored 2 books and more than 50 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and communications in international conferences.


  • Zecca, L., & Cotza, V. (In corso di stampa). Distance relationships and educational fragilities: A Student Voice research in digital third spaces. REM.
  • Zecca, L. (2021). Tutoring nella programmazione robotica: prime esplorazioni con Cubetto nella scuola dell’infanzia. In G. Bozzi, L. Zecca, & E. Datteri (a cura di), INTERAZIONE BAMBINI-ROBOT.RIFLESSIONI TEORICHE, RISULTATI SPERIMENTALI, ESPERIENZE (pp. 251-273). Milano : Franco Angeli.
  • Zecca, L. (2021). Scrivere la pratica didattica: le ricerche degli insegnanti. In G. Bozzi, L. Zecca, & E. Datteri (a cura di), Interazione bambini-robot. Riflessioni teoriche, risultati sperimentali, esperienze (pp. 277-281). Franco Angeli.
  • Zecca, L., & Cotza, V. (2021). Distance Education and Beyond: A Student Voice Research toward an Ecological Perspective. In Book of Abstracts of 7th International Conference on Education (ICEDU 2021) (pp.128-128). Pitakotte : The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM).
  • Fredella, C., & Zecca, L. (2020). Local history and identity building: a case study in the field of active citizenship education. INVESTIGACIÓN EN LA ESCUELA(100), 88-102.