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Prof. Lucio Tremolizzo is specialist in neurology (2008) and PhD in neuroscience (2003). He is consultant neurologist at the “San Gerardo” hospital of Monza, and in particular at the Memory Clinic and at the ALS center of the Neurology Unit. At the same time, he coordinates the research projects of Prof. Ferrarese’s LabNeuBio at the UNIMIB.

From 2001 to 2003, Prof. Tremolizzo was post-doctoral research assistant at the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA. From 2005 to 2006, he was honorary research assistant at the University College London and he obtained the PGDip in Clinical Neurology at the “Queen Square” Institute of Neurology (2006). He also obtained a Master degree in Cerebrovascular Diseases (2010) at the UNIMIB.

Prof. Tremolizzo’s scientific interests are related to dementia and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, with special reference to biological mechanisms of behavioral disturbances.


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