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U8, Piano: I, Stanza: 1004
Via Cadore 48 - 20900 MONZA


Guido Cavaletti, MD, board in Neurology (clinical office at Dept. of Neurology, S. Gerardo Hospital, Monza, Italy)

Main field of interest (preclinical and clinical): peripheral neuropathies, multiple sclerosis; author of more than 300 full papers (h-index = 58)

Head, Experimental Neurology Unit; Vice-Rector (Research), University Milano-Bicocca.

Past-president, Italian Peripheral Nerve Society; member of the Board of Directors, Peripheral Nerve Society as Chair of the Toxic Neuropathy Consortium. Former Coordinator, Italian Alliance against Neuromuscular Diseases.


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  • Pozzi, E., Fumagalli, G., Chiorazzi, A., Canta, A., & Cavaletti, G. (2021). Genetic factors influencing the development of vincristine-induced neurotoxicity. EXPERT OPINION ON DRUG METABOLISM & TOXICOLOGY, 17(2), 215-226.
  • Meregalli, C., Monza, L., Chiorazzi, A., Scali, C., Guarnieri, C., Fumagalli, G., et al. (2021). Human Intravenous Immunoglobulin Alleviates Neuropathic Symptoms in a Rat Model of Paclitaxel-Induced Peripheral Neurotoxicity. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, 22(3), 1-14 [10.3390/ijms22031058].