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Giovanna Fullin is Associate Professor in Economic Sociology. She holds a Degree in Economics and a Phd in Economic Sociology. Her main interests cover the labour market structure and trends, with focus work conditions in the service sector, immigrants in the labour market, atypical work.

She participated in several international research projects. She published several articles in national and international journals, among which Work, Employment & Society, International Migration, Work and Occupations, European Journal of Employment Relations, International Journal of Comparative Sociology. She published the research monograph “Front-Line Workers in the Global Service Economy. Overshadowed and Overstretched in the Fast Fashion World” with Routledge (2021). She is editor in chief of the Stato e Mercato Journal.


  • Gasparri, S., Ikeler, P., & Fullin, G. (2019). Trade union strategy in fashion retail in Italy and the USA: Converging divergence between institutions and mobilization?. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, 25(4), 345-361. Detail
  • Fullin, G. (2021). Front-Line Workers in the Global Service Economy. Overshadowed and Overstretched in the Fast Fashion World. New York : Routledge. Detail
  • FULLIN, G. (2016). Labour market outcomes of immigrants in a South European country: do race and religion matter?. WORK EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIETY, 30(3), 391-409. Detail
  • Fellini, I., & Fullin, G. (2018). Employment change, institutions and migrant labour: The Italian case in comparative perspective. STATO E MERCATO, 113(113), 293-330. Detail
  • FULLIN, G., & REYNERI, E. (2015). Mezzo secolo di primi lavori in Italia. Per una storia del mercato del lavoro italiano [Half a century of first jobs for Youth. For a story of the Italian labour market]. STATO E MERCATO, 105(105), 419-467. Detail