Full Professor  
Academic disciplines
Statistics (SECS-S/01)
Office phone
  • U07, Floor: 3, Room: 322
Reception hours

Tue  h. 3–5pm   Bldg. U7   3rd floor  office 3106 (ex322)


  • Mecatti, F., Sismanidis, C., Furfaro, E., Conti, P. (2023). Sequential adaptive strategies for sampling rare clustered populations. STATISTICAL METHODS & APPLICATIONS [10.1007/s10260-023-00707-z]. Detail

  • Ferraz, C., Mecatti, F., Torres, J. (2023). Dual frame design in agricultural surveys: reviewing roots and methodological perspectives. STATISTICAL METHODS & APPLICATIONS, 32(2), 593-617 [10.1007/s10260-022-00669-8]. Detail

  • Musella, F., Giammei, L., Romio, S., Mecatti, F., Vicard, P. (2022). Bayesian networks for monitoring the gender gap. In A. Balzanella, M. Bini, C. Cavicchia, R. Verde (a cura di), SIS 2022 Book of the Short Papers (pp. 958-963). Pearson. Detail

  • Mecatti, F. (2022). FENStatS COVID-19 Working Group: Goals,Initiatives and Perspectives. In E. Biganzoli, G. Manzi, Michelett AI, F. Nicolussi, S. Salini (a cura di), Proceedings of the COVid-19 Empirical Research (COVER) Conference (pp. 115-119). Milano : Milano University Press [10.54103/milanoup.73.57]. Detail

  • Mecatti, F., Vicard, P., Musella, F., Giammei, L. (2022). Bayesian networks versus gender bias. SIGNIFICANCE, 19(5 (October 2022)), 16-20 [10.1111/1740-9713.01684]. Detail

Research projects

GEBVUR: Gender -based violence and sexual harassment at universities and research institutions – empirical study to strengthen prevention, protection and intervention
Year: 2021
Call: FAQC 2021 - prima finestra
Grantors: Università degli Studi di MILANO-BICOCCA


Scientific fellowships

  • Fellow - International Statistical Institute, 2005


  • Program chair - ITACOSM2013: 3rd Italian Conference on Survey Methodology, 2013