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I obtained a BA in PHILOSOPHY in 1999 (University of Milano) and a PhD in COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE in 2007 (University of Milano-Bicocca). 


I am a Researcher in Linguistics in the Department of Psychology at the University of Milano-Bicocca, where I teach Psycholinguistics. My research focuses in particular on the processing of aspects of language related to the semantic/pragmatic interface in typically and atypically developing children, bilinguals and adults. In my research, I employ off-line and on-line techniques, with a particular focus on eye-movement recordings during the on-line processing of linguistic ambiguity. I actively collaborate with colleagues in the Department of Psychology and with other researchers in Europe and US, in particular: Adrian Staub (UMass at Amherst), Marco Marelli (Unimib), Carlo Cecchetto and Caterina Donati (CNRS, Paris), Luisa Meroni (Utrecht University), Angeliek Van Hout (University of Groningen), Carla Contemori (University of Texas at El Paso), Flavia Adani (University of Potsdam), Florian Schwarz (UPenn).


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  • Panzeri, F., & Foppolo, F. (2021). Children’s and Adults’ Sensitivity to Gricean Maxims and to the Maximize Presupposition Principle. FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, 12.
  • Panzeri, F., & Foppolo, F. (2020). Figurative Language Comprehension in Deaf Children with Hearing Aids. In A. Cardinaletti, C. Branchini, G. Giusti, & F. Volpato (a cura di), Language Acquisition, Processing and Bilingualism. Selected Papers from the Romance Turn VII (pp. 298-317). Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Foppolo, F., & Staub, A. (2020). The puzzle of number agreement with disjunction. COGNITION, 198.
  • Donati, C., Foppolo, F., Konrad, I., & Cecchetto, C. (2020). Whatever His Arguments, Whatever Relatives Are Not Free Relatives: A Reply to Caponigro’s Reply. LINGUISTIC INQUIRY.