Tuesday, 08 September 2020

ESFRI Research Infrastructures Webinar Series: BBMRI

A gateway for access to biobanks and biomolecular resources for health research - speaker: Prof Marialuisa Lavitrano

The University of Milano-Bicocca participates, with different levels of involvement, in multiple ESFRI Research Infrastructures. In particular, the University is at the forefront of ESFRI RIs providing services in the domains of Environment, Health & Food, Physical sciences & Engineering, Social & Cultural Innovation.

Research Infrastructures (RIs) represent one of the sub-pillars of the Excellent science pillar of the European Research Framework Programmes (H2020, Horizon Europe), together with ERC and MSCA (Marie Skodowska-Curie Actions) and are therefore one of the possible sources of funding for your research activity.

Participating in INFRA calls is extremely challenging but many of the existing RIs, in particular the ESFRI ones (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures), receive funds to provide services to the scientific communities, either free of charge or to cover expenses (cost-recovery). In addition to these scientific services, which have been validated and are provided with quality management, the RIs provide free specialist training opportunities, and the possibility to cultivate different research opportunities through an extensive network of contacts.
The webinar series goes to the heart of the matter with the presentation of one of the ESFRI RIs present at the University,
BBMRI: A gateway for access to biobanks and biomolecular resources for health research - speaker: Prof Marialuisa Lavitrano

The webinar will be held on 08 September 2020, from 15:00 to 16:00.
To participate, you must sign up for the link:

Participants of previous events that have authorized it will be automatically invited.

The event includes a 20-minute session of questions and answers from attendees. The event is recorded, and will be held in English if appropriate.


6.    ISBE: A coordination effort to interconnect the best experimental and modelling facilities for Systems Biology – 21 September 2020, h 15:00-16:00
7.    IBISBA: An accelerator for research and innovation in Industrial Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology – 06 October 2020, h 15:00-16:00
8.    CESSDA: A large scale, integrated and sustainable platform for data services to the social sciences – 19 October 2020, h 15:00-16:00
9.    LIFEWATCH: A distributed e-Infrastructure to support research and sustainability of biodiversity and ecosystems – 03 November 2020, h 15:00-16:00
10.    ESS - EUROPEAN SPALLATION SOURCE: The world's most powerful neutron source for interdisciplinary research in physical and life sciences – 16 November 2020, h 15:00-16:00
11.    ECRIN - A network for multinational, high-quality, clinical trials for top-level medical research - 01 December 2020, h 15:00-16:00