The Doctoral School

In 2014 the University of Milano-Bicocca established a single Doctoral School whose President is Prof. Maria Luce Frezzotti.
The School brings together all of the University’s doctoral programmes in order to better integrate the university’s recruitment, management and award policies.
It makes interdisciplinary teaching available to all doctoral students, encourages collaboration with companies involved in research and development sectors and promotes the employment of doctoral students through targeted placement activities.

Prof. Frezzotti
PhD School President

The President

The President of the School is appointed by decree by the Rector from among the University’s full-time top-tier professors, after consultation with the School Council. They serve a term of three calendar years. 

Decree of appointment


Composed of the President, the Coordinators of the doctoral courses, the head of the administrative structure of reference, without voting rights, and three representatives of those enrolled in the doctoral courses.

Advisory Board
Composed of the President and three professors elected from among the coordinators of the doctoral course by the coordinators themselves, ensuring representation of the various disciplinary areas. Assists the President in exercising their functions and proposes/coordinates interdisciplinary teaching activities common to multiple doctoral courses.


Doctoral School: 

[email protected]
Tel. 02 64486237

Appointments can be made at [email protected] on Thursdays from 9.30 to 12.30 at the U17 building (desk 11).  

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