Associate professor
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U14, Piano: P02, Stanza: 2001
Viale Sarca 336 - 20126 MILANO


Davide Ciucci, received a PhD in 2004 in computer science from the University of Milan and the HdR (habilitation) from the University of Toulouse III in 2013. From February 2005 to September 2017, he held a researcher permanent position at the University of Milano-Bicocca.

His research activity is about uncertainty management, with particular reference to rough sets and non-classical logics. He is preseident of the International Rough Set Society (2019/20), Senior Area Editor of Int. J. of Approximate Reasoning and Associate Editor of Array. 


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  • Ciucci, D., Dubois, D., & Lawry, J. (2014). Borderline vs. unknown comparing three-valued representations of imperfect information. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPROXIMATE REASONING, 55(9), 1866-1889. Detail
  • Cattaneo, G., Chiaselotti, G., Ciucci, D., & Gentile, T. (2016). On the connection of hypergraph theory with formal concept analysis and rough set theory. INFORMATION SCIENCES, 330, 342-357. Detail
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  • Cabitza, F., Ciucci, D., & Locoro, A. (2017). Exploiting Collective Knowledge with three-way decision theory. Cases from the questionnaire-based research. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPROXIMATE REASONING, 83, 356-370. Detail