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Pedologia (AGR/14)


  • Ravazzi, C., Bertuletti, P., Chiarucci, A., Comolli, R., Ferrè, C., Furlanetto, G., et al. (2022). What do the Industrial Revolution and the ecological baselines stepping the last millennium tell us about the conservation strategies of mountain ecosystems?. Intervento presentato a: International Mountain Conference, Innsbruck. Detail

  • Gentili, R., Ferre, C., Cardarelli, E., Caronni, S., Montagnani, C., Abu El Khair, D., et al. (2022). Performing as a transformer species? The invasive alien Reynoutria bohemica changes ecosystem properties in a riparian woodland. WEED RESEARCH, 62(6 (December 2022)), 446-456 [10.1111/wre.12558]. Detail

  • Baccolo, G., Abu El Khair, D., Nastasi, M., Sisti, M., Ferre', C., Alewell, C., et al. (2022). Pb-210(xs.) is a viable alternative to Cs-137 for tracing soil redistribution in mountain pastures affected by heterogeneous Chernobyl fallout. EARTH SURFACE PROCESSES AND LANDFORMS [10.1002/esp.5512]. Detail

  • Ferre, C., Mascetti, G., Comolli, R. (2021). High-density poplar src accumulates more soil organic carbon than very-high-density src. AGRONOMY, 11(3) [10.3390/agronomy11030584]. Detail

  • Brambilla, M., Romano, E., Toscano, P., Cutini, M., Biocca, M., Ferre', C., et al. (2021). From Conventional to Precision Fertilization: A Case Study on the Transition for a Small-Medium Farm. AGRIENGINEERING, 3(2), 438-446 [10.3390/agriengineering3020029]. Detail

Research projects

Le opportunità del cavolo
Year: 2022
Call: Coltivare Valore