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Piazza della Scienza 4 - 20126 MILANO
U04, Piano: P03, Stanza: 3036
Piazza della Scienza 4 - 20126 MILANO


Alessandra Savini is associate professor at the University of Milano-Bicocca, where she teaches introductory courses in Submarine Geomorphology. She is a marine geoscientist with expertise in seafloor imaging and mapping using geophysical data (bathymetry, backscattering and seismic) and RGB still images and videos. She investigates the interaction between submarine geomorphic processes and benthic organisms, over long- and short-time scales. Emphasis is given to marine bioconstructions (from cold-water to tropical corals) and cold seep systems, to decipher the response of submarine landscapes and landforms to Pleistocene and Holocene climate changes. She participated, also as leader or co-leader, in numerous national and EU funded projects, taking part in more than 30 oceanographic surveys in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Indian Oceans (leading 8). She is a member of the submarine geomorphology working group (established under the flag of the International Association of Geomorphologists – IAG), whose activity has made a significant contribution to the establishment of submarine geomorphology as a scientific discipline. She is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the MaRHE center, located in Maldives (, where she coordinates the annual training course on mapping technologies in coral-reef environments. 


Research Interests:

Research Methods in seafloor imaging and Mapping

Geomorphology of Continental Margins

Submarine Geomorphic Processes and Interaction with Benthic Organisms

Geomorphology of Algal and Coral Reefs in Tropical and Cold-Water

Fluid-Flow Processes and associated Submarine Landforms and Habitats

Geohazard and Anthropogenic Impacts in Marine Environments


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