Ethics committee

The Ethics Committee is responsible for protecting the rights, dignity, integrity and physical and psychological wellbeing of people taking part in research, as well as for avoiding needless suffering of animals as part of experiments.
To this end, the Committee gives reasoned opinions at the request of individual researchers or teaching and scientific bodies.
The Committee can also promote reflection, training or public discussion in order to encourage the development of ethical awareness.
The Committee adheres to specific evaluation criteria for the various different disciplinary areas that are internationally accepted and shared by the international scientific community.
The Committee has a multi-discipline composition and comprises seven experts, of which at least one in bioethics and one in legal sciences. At least one member must be external to the University. The members of the Committee are appointed by Decree of the Rector. The Committee remains in place for three academic years. Members can be re-elected to their roles.
The selection of members of the Committee occurs, where possible, in accordance with the constitutional principle of equal opportunity between genders.
The Committee elects its own president and secretary.
Members of the Committee are bound to ensure confidentiality regarding the activities of the Committee.


  • Francesca Torelli – President
  • Laura Antolini
  • Patrizia Borsellino
  • Sara Casati
  • Angelo Peli
  • Lucio Rovati
  • Cristina Zogmaister

Next Session

October 27 2023 h.9 a.m (submit requests by October 10th)

November 2023 (submit requests by November 5th)



For information on the activities of the Ethics Committee, please write to:

[email protected]

Tel .: +39 02 64 48 65 81/6437


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