Based on a model successfully piloted in Anglophone countries, the University has activated a "peer to peer" mentoring service, provided by senior students for freshers who are stepping out into the university world for the first time.  

Many newly enrolled students find it tough and complicated in the beginning; they are overwhelmed by numerous requests from the academic world: a change in their approach to studies, a different kind of relationship with teachers, a lack of daily supervision in educational activities, new parameters and methods for assessing results, independence and responsibilities in making their own choices and in the management of their own time.

The service aims to reduce the drop-out rate, encourage university socialisation along with an educational and fulfilling academic experience.

Contact details

Academic Director
Prof. Elisabetta Camussi - Associate Professor of Social Psychology at the Department of Psychology President of the Orientation Service Network Council

For more information: E-mail: [email protected]           

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