Job Placement - AlmaLaurea Portal

Upload your CV and apply for an internship or a job!
All near-graduates and graduates can upload their CV on the Job Placement-AlmaLaurea portal in order to make it accessible to partner companies, look through the internship vacancies and job opportunities dedicated to Bicocca University graduates and send their application.
Simply perform the following steps:
  1. Fill in the questionnaire after submitting the 'domanda di laurea' on Student Services Online;  
  2. Create your username and password to access to your profile on the Job Placement- AlmaLaurea portal;
  3. Manage your profile: manage the accessibility to your personal information, change the settings and communication preferences. You can upload your English CV too.
  4. Apply for internship or a job advertised on the Job Placement-AlmaLaurea portal. You can set up your extracurricular internship on the same portal. 
by Redazione Centrale, last updated on 17/03/2020