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Leonard Mazzone (1984, Torino) is Post-Doc Research Fellow in Social and Political Philosophy at the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Milano-Bicocca. His current research project concerns the “politics of fear” and the socio-cultural and juridical processes underlying the urban security’s devices.

In the last few years spent as a post-doc research fellow at the University of Florence (2016-2018) and at the Italian Institute of Philosophical Studies (2019), his research interests had been focused on a genealogy of the concept of hypocrisy and on the political uses of the notion of “Democratic Hypocrisy”.

This research project represents a further development of his doctoral thesis on the works and the life of Elias Canetti, that has been recently published in two books: Il principio possibilità. Masse, potere e metamorfosi nell’opera di Elias Canetti (Rosenberg & Sellier, 2017) and Introduzione a Elias Canetti. La scrittura come professione (Orthotes, 2017).

His research interests concern also the history and the most recent developments of the critical theory of society and the socio-political implications of a “negative theory of justice”. These areas of specialization are at the core of the book Una teoria negativa della giustizia. Per un’etica del conflitto contro i mali comuni (Mimesis, 2014) and of many articles: Taking Humiliation Seriously («Politeia», 2011), Beyond Domination, Beyond the Possibility of Justice («Studies in Marxism», 2012), Justice from Injustices, through Social Conflicts («Critical Issues in Justice and Politics», 2012), A theatrical conception of power (European Journal of Political Theory, 2020), A Negative Theory of Justice. Towards a Critical Theory of Power Relations (Theoria, 2020)


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