Covid-19 Phase 3

covid 19

Dear all,

We are once again required to act responsibly in order to protect the health of our community and our country.
Although activities are being carried out on campus in a way that guarantees everyone’s safety, we must now make a further joint effort to counter the growth of the epidemiological curve in recent weeks at national and regional level and in the city of Milan. 
The latest provisions of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 3 November 2020 require universities to reorganise their operations by further restricting in-person activities in order to reduce travel around the country and to contain the contagion as much as possible. 
Bicocca will reduce attendance, but will continue to remain open to guarantee public services and the functioning of institutional activities, protecting staff by arranging, where possible, for work to be carried out remotely.

Starting from 6 November, the University will provide part of its teaching activities remotely. The academic calendar will not be altered and activities have been planned taking into account the different procedures that the emergency may require. 

You can find the new provisions on the Rectoral Decree n° 82 of Nov 03rd 2020.    

Please stay up to date on further measures by frequently consulting the University’s website.
We are by no means unprepared for the uncertain situation that we are facing and the experience of the past months, combined with Bicocca’s ability to decisively react and its innovative spirit, will enable us to responsibly and promptly respond to the current challenges. 
With the sincere wish that this emergency situation will be resolved in the near future, I send you my best wishes,

The Rector

Giovanna Iannantuoni

The health and safety of all who study and work here is our highest priority,  and we will all need to make adjustments to the way we live and work. There are certain actions that are crucial for all of us to adopt to make things as safe as possible for everyone in the community.  In particular, you are asked to follow the rules and best practices shown in this video: 

Covid-19: University of Milano-Bicocca safety guidelines for students

Finally, the activity of the Crisis Committee continues to monitor and update the operational prevention and safety measures at the University.

by Redazione Centrale, last updated on 14/01/2021